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Klaxoon Teamplayer turns any screen into a collaborative workspace

The company is based in Rennes, and following a $50 million funding round in 2018 now has a store in Paris and offices in Lyon, New York and Boston. Klaxoon currently employs 240 people and claims over a million users in coque iphone 6 parfum 120 countries, coque iphone 7 iphone with its customer base encompassing enterprises (including all of the CAC 40 and 15% of Fortune 500 companies), universities, schools and SMEs. In September 2019 the company was included in the French government’s Next40 list of the fastest growing startups.SEE: Launching and building a startup: A founder’s guide (free PDF)Klaxoon’s existing portfolio comprises ringke coque huawei mate 10 pro Klaxoon3, a suite of SaaS teamworking tools that includes activities like quizzes, surveys, live messages, learning coque huawei p smart one piece games and AI augmented brainstorming sessions, with iOS and Android apps coque huawei p20 darty available for participants using mobile devices. There are also two hardware products: Klaxoon Box, an appliance that creates a closed wi fi network for up to 50 concurrent participants, giving access to the coque iphone reggae teamworking tools when no internet connection is available or when maximum security is needed; and MeetingBoard, a 49 coque huawei p9 pas cher inch interactive whiteboard.The Teamplayer console coque iphone fun radio (left), Wheel (middle) and Pad (right).Image: CESAt CES 2020, the company has unveiled Teamplayer, an appliance with associated peripherals harry potter coque iphone 5c that can turn coque iphone 4s the kase any screen into a ‘smart collaborative workspace’. These coque iphone 5c drapeau americain devices build on the UX/gamification approach seen in Klaxoon’s existing portfolio, as partnerships and alliances director Matthieu Poupard explained to ZDNet.”We’re not at the proof of concept stage anymore, and the Teamplayer product is the way to basically keep answering these needs. Meetings are definitely needed in the workplace, but the way the modern workplace is evolving makes meetings, and thinking as a team, more and more challenging. coque iphone 4s pour ado People work on different projects, on different timetables, on different sites thinking coque iphone 4 skate is not that easy on a day to day coque iphone 5 message basis.””Teamplayer is designed as a teamwork and visual management console that will allow you to coque iphone 6 renforcer easily connect to screens around you in the office, in a hotel, at home and turn them into a collaborative workspace,” Poupard said.There are three elements to Teamplayer: an appliance that hosts the Klaxoon software and plugs into any HDMI equipped screen; and a pair of Bluetooth connected controllers the Wheel and the Pad.”The idea is to bring coque iphone 4s fluorescente more ergonomics to your everyday collaboration coque iphone 6s plus gold practices,” said Poupard. “In the music and video gaming industries, hardware interfaces that simplify the way you interact with complex software have been available for years, but that hasn’t really been offered to collaboration.”The Wheel allows you to move around the software by rotating the ring, and it notifies you about what’s going on. The Pad has nine dynamic shortcuts, so when you’re on a Klaxoon page a brainstorm, for example it will automatically pull the relevant action buttons onto the high res touchscreen.”The Klaxoon platform already has links to Microsoft’s Teams and Dropbox, and Teamplayer will continue this open approach.”We’ll be announcing new partners in the coming months that’s definitely on my to do list. We want to make it a very open platform, not only for productivity software, but also for things that could appeal to the remote worker at home. The line between work and coque samsung galaxy note 4 love mei personal life is thinner, so why not be a little more creative when onboarding extra coque huawei y560 3d software With an coque iphone 7 pour deux open API, it’s very easy coque iphone 6 noeud papillon for us to reference different software.”The CES announcement is very much an coque iphone 7 hema unveiling rather than a full launch. Fine tuning following user trials, coque iphone 5c mandala for example, “will be done in the months to come,” Poupard said. Klaxoon Teamplayer will launch in June 2020 and cost from $890 (795/677), but has already received a CES 2020 Innovation Award.. coque huawei p20 lite off white.

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